Dominion Designers are specialist developers of real-time solutions to complex distributed system issues. We bring together experts in COTS hardware, rapid software development, advanced user-interfaces, and emerging technologies to provide high-quality scaleable systems, to budget.

We strive to maintain our position at the forefront of technology in :

  • Java (Swing/AWT, SAX/DOM, distributed systems)
  • Comms protocols (TCP/UDP, RS422, FDDI, HTTP)
  • Naval defence systems, Air Traffic Control, Enterprise Computing

We pride ourselves in our dynamism and ability to work around any customer constraints. We have the resources available to support fixed-price contracts, daily-rate consultancy, or straightforward product sales. All of our products can be customised to your requirements. We also offer on-site training.

Please browse the pages of our site for a brief overview of our products and services. Feel free to contact us if you require more information.

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