Recording and Analysis

Dominion Designers have developed a number of data-capture solutions of varying levels of complexity, including TITAN produced in association with BAE SYSTEMS.

TITAN allows accurate capture and time-stamping of many gigabytes of data from a wide range of transmission media. Once captured the data can be extensively interrogated and analysed in conjunction with existing data to produce a comprehensive range of graphs, reports, etc... or can be exported for analysis in third-party tools.

The recording and decoding of data is configured entirely from an XML repository. This allows TITAN to be re-configured for use on a completely different system with no changes to the software.

TITAN even allows data to be examined as it is being recorded, the engineer is presented with a tool-box of gauges and readouts that can be saved to create a custom built system monitoring display. Once created, any view can be saved and instantly reproduced at a later date.

TITAN interfaces seamlessly with our DOMINION scenario generation and system stimulation product.

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