Dominion Designer's flagship product is DOMINION, a high-performance extensible scenario generator that has been developed through a number of incarnations over a period of ten years.

DOMINION boasts a highly extensible architecture allowing integration with virtually any system requiring a co-ordinated input of simulated data. The simulation model is completely independent from the target environment, in other words it is equally applicable to use stimulating a sub-marine command system, as it is an air traffic control system.

The DOMINION user-interface is unlike any scenario generator you are likely to have seen before. It offers unprecedented graphical control, with multiple views of the scenario model and a completely customisable data entry/display.

Usability is the most obvious benefit of the unique design of DOMINION, however its performance is equally impressive. DOMINION is platform independent, but running on standard off-the-shelf PCs it happily simulates 1000 or more vehicles for a durations of days (either real-time or simulated). DOMINION's high performance allows scenarios to be run at many times real-time and to be started at any point in the scenario.

DOMINION provides tight integration with the TITAN recording and analysis system. In combination with our bespoke simulators this provides the potential for a true comprehensive test environment in-a-box.

Both DOMINION and TITAN are written in Java for complete portability. In a test environment the products are typically run on rack mounted PCs but they can also run on laptop computers or other portable devices allowing the test environment to move to wherever it is required.

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